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Prayer Requests - 12/7/11

Please feel free to leave any prayer requests you have below: And thank you for visiting and praying for these.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pam M. - trying for 18 years -please pray!
Lianna Knight
Kelly Epperson
Amy Burkhart
Kara Vasquez
Faith S
Kim Hawkins
Amy Walker
Kimberly and David - adopting from China
Misty and John
Jessica Clark
Elisa - Waiting on 2nd child
Angie Barnes - waiting on 2nd childElisa in CA
Melissa - adoption
Pammy - China adoption
Angie Harris
Kristina Stephens
Jessica Maynard - adoption and guidance
Julie - Lost 1 baby at birth, struggled to conceive #2, trying now for #3
Connie - foster adoption
Shannon C. in NC
Jennifer - waiting for #2
Krystal V. - foster children finalized adoption and hoping to also conceive a child
Vashti - trying 4 years for biological child
Jennifer Shuler
Melissa Poling - TTC 6 years
Lisa H in CA - 1 m/c - trying again for baby
Jennifer in TX
Callie in FL
Beth Ann in KS
Jessica Bennett
Emily - must do IVF
Cassie Wicks
Kemeche - would love 2nd child through adoption or birth
Missy Rodil
Alex in KS
Sarah Johnston
Melissa F.
Julia Greer
Kristen Thorton
Katie - lost a baby at 22 wks, had to have kidney transplant - now waiting to adopt
Steele and Charity
Melissa D.
Les - trying IVF #2
Allison Collins - infertile - trying to adopt and birth mother just changed her mind
Ashleigh Carter - TTC for 4 yrs - will do IVF this year
Kim P.
Sarah Bryant in NC - trying for #2
Leslie Morris
Jessica B. - dealing with MTHFR
Nicole Gerty
Dana Tracy
Faith Stein - TTC for 5 years, lost twins at 12 wks
Kathy Tessmer-age 42-one mc-trying to pregnant
Karren Nelson
Brandi Goebel - waiting on #2
Amanda - TTC since 2006/has PCOS
Heldy H. in Fl - waiting to adopt from China
Jennifer Hallowell - trying for #2
Kristin Leonard
Colette Robichaux
C Counihan
Lauren Krieger
Jennifer LaJeunesse
Allison in IL
Becky - 3 unsuccessful IVF's
Sarah Webber
Shiloh Jones
Anita Clark
Ashley H. - trying for 3 years
Linda G - trying for 6 years
Sarah Wagner
Nicole W - m/c and TTC
Tara Adkisson
Channa Norman
Heather Lovejoy
Ashley Barrett
Becky Connors
Megan Lawrence
Becky Mattson
Amy C - trying for 4 years
Amanda Rich
Janelle - trying for #2 for 3 years
Melonie Beth
Jessica Lyon
Kim in Seattle - trying for #2
Lisa Bart
Gina Urbanak
Cindy - TTC for 1 1/2 years
Jennifer - waiting for #2
Alicia Kelley
Mrs preppy Peshke
Robin F - PCOS
Roxanne Reagan
Shelby Burden - 3rd IFV in May
Kimberly Irvin - just had 2nd m/c
Christy Stewart - trying for #2
Megan Johnson
Whitney Wilkins
Leslee Pesak
Heather - starting IUI
Sarah McKinney
Jenny Evans - trying for #2
Abby Holsclaw
Chelsa Knepp - trying for #2, lost baby at 34 weeks to HELLP syndrome
Krissy and Eric Miller
Susan Young
Julie Stanfill
April Craig
Laura - adopting from Columbia and TTC
Stefanie Riddle
Dawn Mellott - adopting #3
Amy S. from NLR, AR - trying for #2
Robyn Morrison
Leslie M. in TN
Heather Huskey
Erin T.
Allison in IL
Cathy Parker - trying for #2
Jessica Alexander - 5 years infertility, 1 failed adoption
Michelle Conley
Tiffany Pifer
"Amazeing Teacher" - adopting from China
Kimberly Holly - adopting #2
Marci Kuver - 2nd IVF attempt
Amy Timpe
Jenny in South Africa
Kristen Wolfe
Jennifer Krouse
Jennifer Pearse - many years of infertility, 2 failed adoptions, waiting to adopt from China
Courtney Boyle - IVF, lost both fallopian tubes to ectopic pg
Brittany Maikranz in Utah - trying for #2
Jennifer Griffith
Brittany Hodgkins
Ashley A. in OK - lost a baby at 22 weeks
Agnieszka Schmidt-Hernacka
Sarah Isabella
Kathleen White - trying for #2
Elizabeth Polson
Jessica R
Kristin Crowder
Erin Due - trying for #2
Heather Clark
Lisa Akey
Katie Sims
Melissa McCarty
Erin - total blockage of fallopian tubes
Reagan Shedden
Stacy Royal, Alabama - waiting 2 years to adopt
Ruth Magee
Jessica Lyon
Kristen Jenkins
Meredith LaGorga - trying for 3 years, pursuing domestic adoption and thinking about international
Wendi Riles
Gina Urbanek
Jessica Truax
Shauna Hatfield
Amber Haynes
Barbara - waiting to adopt
Tasha - TTC 9 years
Sappy TTC #2
Stacey - waiting 2 years to adopt
Amanda - several failed adoptions, given no chance to concieve
Michelle A.
Tessa - adopting through foster system
Melissa Soodsma
Melinda Nye
Lori Weaver
Sara Pendleton
Kira Olson
Vicki Olson - trying for #2
Jennifer Siggers, Alabama
Shannon Rumbarger
Kim Darnell
Ivy Smith
Lizanne Pitt
Kristi P. in GA
Jessica Williams - #2
Kristy Smith
Kathryn Conway
Staci Kohlbusch
Rachel in AL
Katie Barnett - #2
Jessica Frye - #2
Marisa Franson
Malena Yenal
Whitney Shulz in IA
Ashley H in Waxahachie
Shacy Brooks - International Adoption
Dana Livingston
Andrea Sunday
Lindsey Chavez
Jennifer Shuler
Kim C.
Mandy Sheridan
Aimee Poling
Christa Sheek
Erin May
Rachel Pilston
Kathy Decker - trying for #2
Candace Wibbeler
Hayley Powell
Ellen Schnoll
Allison K.
Hannah Reasoner
Jamie Rivera
Jennifer Rose
Laura Flanagan
Cate Phillips
Kari Nguyen
Nikki Porter
Kristin Irvin
Jessica Collins
Elizabeth - has PCOS
Jessica Boyd - trying for #2
Holly in OH - lost a baby in March - still born
Missy Spurgeon
Amanda Vickery
Jen in MS
Melissa Y.
Sarah M - starting the adoption process
Ashlee - Trying for #2
Jessica Hobbs - will try IVF in August (will only try once)
Joc Bryant
Anna Person
Sara Hintz
Lisa Goodwin
Stephanie Chism
Heidi - lost baby at 12 wks - trying again
Misty Williston
Amie Panzer
Melissa Reyes
Lynn Stoke - 2 miscarriages
Jessica Mullen - waiting to adopt a baby girl - working through legal and financial hurdles - pray it works out!
Jessica Hershberger
Grace Mathew
Marilyn McKenzie - trying for #2
Sunny - 9 years of trying, 3 failed IVF's and a hysterectomy - exploring options
Jennifer Johnson
Sarah D.
C.C. - on the waiting list for a domestic adoption
Sarah Kay Dobbs
Ali - has PCOS
E.P. - waiting on #2
Amie Leggett - has lost 2 babies - one at 23 weeks
Miranda Allen
Ginger in TX
Angela Insell - Wisdom to know what to do - keep trying or adopt?
Jenny Martin
Jen Rumley
Kylie - recently miscarried
Sunshine (in AR)
Jess in MO - TTC #2
Heather - TTC #2
Rachel Post
Grace Boone - lost first baby at 9.5 weeks pregnant
Laura H.
Abby- praying for God's will in our attempt to expand our family
Natashia Hope - 2 m/c at 11/12 weeks and one stillborn son
Lindsey Chavez
Kimberly Smith
Jennifer Bartlett
Kylie - TTC for 2 yrs and just got accepted for Ethiopian adoption
Molly McInnis - TTC #2
Tiffany Brooks
Vanessa - lost a baby at 5 months & 10 weeks pg and early twins
Adriana Hockenberry
Daniel and Lyndsie Brooker - 22, had ovarian cancer and a hysterectomy and must adopt - Prayer in that process
Debbie K. - TTC #2
Karen Cancino
Kylie Colin - TTC and adopt - money for adoption and patience
Haley Sturgeon
Dan and Elisabeth Bennett- ttc for 3 years (in one month) lost two girls in a failed adoption early last year
Rachel Conatser
Rae Bush - TTC #2
Traci Kondracki
Kirsten G.
Lauren McKnight
Kristy Bybee
Mica Cannady
Bethany Rowell
Beth Sullivan - praying for a healthy baby after 2 children w/ medical difficulties
Heather Waggoner
Amber Symank - struggling with endometriosis and TTC
Shannon Cushing
Stacey in Rockwall, TX - TTC #2
Kimmie Pearson
Tierra Brady
Maranda Jones
Alexandra Hunt
Cory in IL
Sarah Meiss
Sandra Fowler
Sara Yager - lost twins at 22 weeks
Jennifer Wilson
Kara Wallace
Lisa Krieger - trying to adopt
Jill Buhay - attempting final IVF
Kimberly Henniger (had still born baby - pray for healthy pregnancy)
Karen Campbell
Misti Bonner
Tiffany Pifer
Annie Santiago
Holly Shaver
Monica Heisler
Katie Bailey
Steffani - trying for #2
Megan Gaddis
Renee Sullivan
Kim Wise - trying to adopt
Jessica Chavez
Ginna Hruska - trying for #2
Brianna Davis
Lea Gay
Misty from MN
Estelle Haskell
Laura Peal
Robin Bailey - 2nd IVF in July
Melissa Hinnant - lost baby at 19 weeks
Aleksandra Mazur
Paige G.
Emily G.
Janelle Hartsfield
Christy Taylor - trying for #2
Erin G.
Christy Hayden
Casey Collyar
Rebecca Hansen - adoption
Maria Sette
Amy Ekis
Morgan Fountain
Kelly D.
Beth Dudney
Heidi Sprouse
Tiffany Harbuck
Nikki Shluter
Jamie Paisley
Stacey Lumley
Whitney T.
Katy Wright
Andrea C.
Anna and Jeremy in Iowa
Megan McCord
Ginny - struggling with PCOS
Jessica McCord
Megan from WI
Heather Evans
Justine Pucker
Katya González - trying for #2
Sweety Jacob
Alicia Hill
Tiffany Abbott

Heather Kendrick - PRAISE DUE IN MAY!!!!
Julie Nowacki - PRAISE - DUE IN JULY!!!!
Becky and Marty in TN - PRAISE DUE IN JULY!!!!
Caryn Forsee - PRAISE - PREGNANT!
Melissa Higgabotham - trying for 7 years - PREGNANT!!!!
Jennifer Strickland - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!!
Andrea in TX - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!!
Jennifer W. - TTC for 2 years- PRAISE - PREGNANT - DUE IN AUGUST!!!!
Jennifer - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!!
Brittani - waiting on a 2nd child - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Kim and Ian in TX - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Christine - adoption - court date of Jan 25th for twin girls! - PRAISE!!!!
Erica - waiting on baby, 2 miscarriages due to MTHFR - PRAISE!!!!
Jenny Maddox - trying for #3 after trouble with the first 2 - PRAISE Pregnant!
Stacey - Adoption - PRAISE - pregnant instead!!
Monica Gregory - waiting for #2 - PRAISE!!!!!
Natalie - PRAISE - Pregnant with Twins!!!
Shannon - has PCOS - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Annie - trying for #2/ has PCOS- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Lori Wreyford - m/c twins Easter 08 - trying again - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Stacey A. in TX - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Karina in Norway- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Jamie Crane - trying for #2 - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Katya Gonzalez - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Erin Yaap
Danielle -
Jill Averitt - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Amy Rincon - - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Stephanie G. - Breast Cancer survivor and trying for a baby through difficult circumstances - God is a God of miracles!- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Amy J. - trying for #3 for 2 years- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Jennifer Cox - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Megan B. in Mt. Sterling - trying for #2 - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Kristina Mattison- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Jessica Hall - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Allyson Stephens - trying for baby #4. History of multiple m/c caused by ACL/AFL blood clotting disorder. - PRAISE -- Pregnant 3 months after husbands VR.
Christie Everette- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Stephanie E. in NH - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Laura - trying for #3 (2 m/c in last 4 months)- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Meredith C - waiting for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT with twins!!!
Peri Seward - trying for 4 years - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!! with TWINS!
Angie Lindsey - adopting from China - PRAISE - Getting her baby in June!!!
Naturally Caffeinated family - pregnant after m/c - hoping for full term pg - PRAISE - 29 weeks pregnant - healthy!
Jen M - baby died at birth, one m/c, adopting from Korea - PRAISE - Getting her baby in June!!!
Jessica Clark- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Rachel - adopting from Korea - PRAISE - matched with a son - getting him in Aug!
Bonnie Brown- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Tristan Imel - PRAISE PREGNANT!!!!
Sara Yager - about to start IVF- PRAISE PREGNANT with twins!!!!
Conny -
Stephanie Doss - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Catherine Futch -
Jessica Meyers- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Heather Huskey - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!!
Lori Cain -
Scot and Heather Baker - PRAISE - PREGNANT (has lost 4 babies - pray for healthy pregnancy!)
Michelle Plemons- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!!
Julie Green - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Lindsay D. in AL- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Cherilyn Reynolds- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Elizabeth Ratliff- PRAISE - PREGNANT with TWINS!!!!!
Amy - trying 3.5 years - next step is IVF- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Katheryn Townsend - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Mandi Baldridge~Ohio- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Heather Torgerson in WI - trying for #2 - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Chelsa Knepp - trying for #2, lost baby at 34 weeks to HELLP syndrome- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Beth Thorton - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Karen and Aaron Black - working on domestic adoption after 5 yrs of trying - PRAISE - Adopted a precious little girl!!!!!!
Rebecca B.- PRAISE - PREGNANT with TWINS!!!!!
Alicia Gillespie- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Trisha - - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Meagan H. - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jennifer Maynard - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Kristen Crow - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Lauren Dechiro- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
LeeAnn Wright - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jessica C-Schultz - Possibly has PCOS - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Rennae K in Australia - trying for #2 - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Ashley - infertility, tubal pregnancy - trying to adopt through foster system- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Katherine Spengler - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Rosemary Coursey - just had 4th miscarriage - please pray!- PRAISE - PREGNANT!
Kelly Taylor - had molar pregnancy - waiting to try again- PRAISE - PREGNANT!
Jennifer M. from NC - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Janet Hughes- adopting #2 - PRAISE - ADOPTION IS FINAL!!!!
Mindi Z. from TX- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Becky Branch- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Channe Karaba- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Shannon Davis - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Mandi - adopting their foster son - PRAISE - ADOPTION FINAL 9/2/09
Polly Glass- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jenn F. - Hoping to conceive and to carry to term- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Allison - adopting from China - Praise - domestic adoption complete!
Rachel Huse - waiting on 2nd child- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Elaine - PRAISE - adopted a baby girl!
Meredith Bass- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Kami - just did IVF - please pray it takes - PRAISE - Pregnant with twins!
Rachel Huse - waiting on 2nd child- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Cari Calhoun- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jamie Wyatt- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Amber Filkins- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Michele in NY- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Danielle Manthei - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Amy Hartling - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!!!
Josie Kolasa - beginning the adoption process - PRAISE - matched with a boy due in December!
Jessie Stilwell- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jesse Catalano in Denver- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Amy Whitney - lost baby full term due to cord accident- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!
Andrea Weiss- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!
Jessica Johnson- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!
Nick and Stori Wann- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Stephanie Rose- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!
Ashley Semberger- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
DeLayne Spicer - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!!!
Meagan Clanahan - began IVF - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Ashley in AL- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Agata Eisele- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Laura Fine- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Linda Waite- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Rathi Rajasingam PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Megan Marshall- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Melissa Stafford- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Laura Campbell - recently had a miscarriage- PRAISE - had daughter!
Melissa Morris- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Amanda Ledford- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Sarah Creamer- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Melissa Stacy Dell - High Risk Pregnancy- PRAISE - Delivered a healthy baby!!!
Dalaina - trying for #2 - PRAISE - PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!!!!
Claire Bloching - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Misty Kitchell - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Lindsey Rowland- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Mandy S. in FL- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Debbie R. - adoption - PRAISE - ADOPTED IN AUGUST!!
Britni Nicholson- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Stefani - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Nickie Dixon- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Julie and Bret in MN- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jean in Houston, TX- PRAISE - PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!!!!
Amanda McCleary- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Julie Turner - Trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Julie Haskins - praying for God's direction in adoption - PRAISE - has baby - waiting on final adoption!!!!!!
Sarah Mullins - TTC #3 - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Julie Stone - TTC 2 years - husband deploys in January - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!
Lisa Branson- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Katherine Heath- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Anne Parker - waiting to try after a partial molar pregnancy- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jenn Toth - TTC for 2.5 yrs...moving on to IVF - PRAISE - just had baby girl Finley!
Katie Ceary- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Allison K.- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Rose in AR - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Courtney Yerkes - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Pamela H.- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Adair Laney - doing IVF- PRAISE - PREGNANT with twins!!!!
Susan Finney- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Cindy H. In Lubbock- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Valerie Ashcraft- PRAISE - Adopting a baby this fall!!!!
Alyson Steiner - lost a baby at 22 weeks- PRAISE - PREGNANT with twins!!!!
Jenette Wiatrek- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Stephanie Spiess- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Stacia Hobbs - PRAISE HAS A BABY BOY!!!
U.B. Reynolds- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Lisa Brown - trying for #2- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Katie Krist- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Adrienne Murphy- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Katie Wolff - PRAISE - Adopting a baby this summer!!!!
Ashleigh - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Haley Jones - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Ashley Phillips- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Kim Green, ttc 2 years, 2 mc's- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Krystal Lowe- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jolea Perez - PRAISE - HAD BABY IN APRIL 2010!
Allyson Blackwood - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Susannah Spears- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Charla Jenkins- PRAISE - PREGNANT with twins!!!!
Cindy Galloway- PRAISE - PREGNANT with twins!!!!
Brandi Hargis- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Farabe' Algor- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Stephanie Jennings- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Kristy Hudson- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Karinny De La Rosa - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Amy Connole- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Griggs family- PRAISE - Had son!!!!
Erin- PRAISE - Adopted son!!!
Jackie - waiting on a 2nd child - PRAISE - Had daughter!!!!
Cawoods- PRAISE - Had daughter!!!!
Brooke- PRAISE - Had daughter!!!!
Josh and Allison Rakestraw- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Elizabeth F. in CO- PRAISE - Had son!!!!
Tonya B from TX- PRAISE - Had son!!!!
Allison - adopting from Russia- PRAISE - brought their daughter home!
Jessica Webb PRAISE - Had boy and girl twins!!!!
Heather and Ben in MI- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Nichole Duenke from Ohio- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Tracy Sharp - trying for #2- PRAISE - Had son!!!!
Melissa Perkins- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jena - trying for #3 (blocked fallopian tube) PRAISE - Had daughter!!!!
Kandice Patrick- PRAISE - HAD BABY!!!
Leigh - PRAISE - Had daughter!!!!
Denise Reker - PRAISE - adopted a son!!!
Mary K. - PRAISE - adopted a son!!!
Courtney D. in TN - PRAISE - adopting a son!
Allison H.- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
April Lorvick - trying for 3 years , 2 mc's- PRAISE - adopted a son!!!
Shannon Craver - waiting to adopt - PRAISE - adopted a son!!!
Ashley Williams in TX- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Christina Powers- PRAISE - HAD BABY!!!
Courtney Brewer (tried 8+ years) - - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Christine Bally - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Eli Estrick - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Gina Dreher- PRAISE - Had son!!!!
Jennifer Nichols- PRAISE - Had son!!!!
Margo Hale - PRAISE - adopted a daughter!!!
Rusty and Jennifer- PRAISE - adopting a son!
Kelly Townsend PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Sarah McKinney - TTC since July 07- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Lauren Burnette - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Jaclyn B - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Christi - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Julee Turner - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
"Buford Betty"- PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!
Missy Miller - TTC #3 - PRAISE - PREGNANT!!!!

Megan in Alabama
Jenna Tyson
Hillary in Kentucky
Caroline Hughes
Melissa White
Nicole Brown
Amy Youngblood
Anna Etter
Kate Stanton
Shannon Newman
Melinda Kisor
Meghann Pabst
Anna Haug
Katie Gray
Paige Faulkner
Courtney in TX
Ashley P. in TX
Meredith Johnson
Stacey in TN
Sheree in FL
Amelia in NC
Janelle in Edmonton, Canada
Vicky Brewer
Noelle in NC
"Magnolia Belle"
Stephanie AR
Amber in TX
Stephanie in TX
LaTonya in GA
Lauren Kelly
Tippa Glover
Blissful Nikkie
Marcia Blanco in CA
Kara in TX
Bonnie P. from VA
Amanda in Iowa
Lu in California
Amanda in VA
Erica in OH
Bethany Waken
Michele U. in NE
Mary G. in TX
Katy G. in TX
Katelyn H. in TX
Megan Butler in Columbus, OH
Nichele Lynn in AZ
Leslie in MS
Alyson Hillman in Charlotte, NC
Jordan in MI
Katie in MO
Leigh Ann Simpson
Amanda Kelton
Lindy Donahue in GA
Angi in OR
Adriana P from D.C.
Helen in Dallas, TX
Lindsey in Georgia
Hollie Koopman
Charity H. (OK)
Courtney L. (OK)
Amanda A. in CA
Tonya Ingram
Laura in Cambridge On Canada
Teresa Olvera in California
Lisa in Florida
Anne Emery
Brenda Kissock
Bella, NY
Melissa Moore
Romana Garcia from Wichita Falls, TX
Jo Walton
Melissa E. from TN
Wanda from VA
Kiely Callender-IN
Julie in VA
Marianne P. in CO
Christina in Kentucky
Melissa H.
Kendra H.
Lacey in FL
Amy Friesen
Kara W. (AR)
Crystal G (AR)
Erin in PA
Annacarmie in MS
Katie White in VA
Sarah S in NYC
Amanda Phelan NC
Kelley B in NY
Laura Einwechter Canada
Megan M. from Texas
Mary Margaret Collingsworth
Juliet McKinley
Kristi O in NY
Erin H in TX
Stacy H.
Tiffany H. in AL
Ashley Clark in Texas
Heather Brown
joeybelle in MT
Jamie Points
Kim in KY
Brenda in GA
Katie Spence in TX
Lisa Rietman
Kristin in Texas
Lauren A in Atlanta
Lynn Kaste, Missouri
Rebecca Rice in TX
Elizabeth G from TN.
Alexandra Nathan
Katie K from TX
Dana Michelle
Julie from TX
Carrie G
Leslie in SC
Tiffany B in TX
Lindsay in Dallas
Jessica Hubert
Jenn Wiens
Kristy Whaley
Jennifer Roy in OK
Briana in TX
Gina Musgrave
Alecia Shannon
Theresa Zimmerman
Rachel Holloway
Megan E in TX
Gracie Beth in TN
Susan in NYC
Katie Klohn from TX
Sara in SC
Megan Graham
Sarah Parnell
Charity Hendress
Krystal Lynch in NC
Kim Brough
Caroline and her twin sister
Rebecca Hollon
Briana Van Zandt
Monica Senter
Elizabeth Pappas
Kristi, single in Southern CA
Katy in NC
Suemom's daughter
Emily in dental school
Jannie Brook
Juli Teeters
Laura from NC
Susanna in Singapore
Brooke in NC
Lindsay in TX
Molly P.
Stephanie in IN
Jenn Hand
Kelly P.
Bridgette Taylor
Nikki Weiss in TX
Amanda R. in MN
Deborah Kirk in FL
Nic in Philadelphia
Amy Jane in TX
Emily W. in D.C.
Adeana Thurston
Kim in IL
Gina LaPlante
Lindsay Winton in NM
Kelly Shaw
Elizabeth L. from IN
Alison O.
Kristen Signore
Carla Deshield in canada
Brooke D.
Rose in KC
Angela Ormon
Katie Klohn from Texas
Amy Shearon
Patti Trenchardf
Kristin in TX
Shelley in Orlando, FL
Charli Nobles
Angela Turnbough
Jill in Cali
Catherine Colwell
Wendy Sagastume
Nicole Swartzendruber
Katina Kelley
Heather Thomas
Kristin H
Natalie S. Wood
Cassie Black
Joy Willoughby
Jessica Temple
Heather Haagen
Elizabeth Roberts
Renee Meaux
Jaime in OK
Sunny B.
Nicole Green
Courtney Marlowe
Shannon M.
Cami Smith
Tina Cheek
Heather Pregony
Sara Sadler
Lydia Atubeh
Melissa Burford
Amanda in AL
Brianne R. in TN
Betsy Erwin
Sarah Moseley
Rachel Blank
Brenda Hight from IN
Katie Strange
Claire Skipper
Julie from Ft. Meyers, FL
Rebekah Herbert
Brittany Stull
Kristin Nutter
Farrah T. in ND
Michelle Allen
Ivy Bagley
Jennifer in AL
Bekah French
Jackie in the Phillipines
Beth Jarrett
Lauren Montoya
Davita Campbell
Arielle Claude
Kelley Bardwell (also pray she keeps her job)
Mandy Riester
Amy J
Jennifer Shoemake
Viola Symonds
Katy in MS
Chizor Beverley Opara
Christine P
Wendy Weido
Sophie in India
Carrie Smith
Libby in North CA
Richann in CO
Jennifer B.
Jessica B.
Ellen Kiel
Alice Jawan
Megan Tanner
Shannon Meadors
Caroline Jones
Cameron Jones
Melanie Ashworth
Joy Wilkes

Lauren H. in AR - PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!
Julia - PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie S.- PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gina in IN- PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli- PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Crespy- PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie Highfield- PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jess- PRAISE - ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!